Computational Efficient Process Modelling of Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion (PBF-LB), to Characterise Residual Stress and Deformation

Computational efficient process modelling of laser beam Powder Bed Fusion

This research project has been focused on the Multiscale Thermomechanical process Modelling of laser beam Powder Bed Fusion Manufacturing and experimental validation. Specifically, the resolution, energy and time dependency on laser scaling in finite element modelling, different modelling simulations and parameters modifications.

Project Goals

The research focuses on the computational efficient process modelling of laser beam Powder Bed Fusion (PBF-LB), residual stress and deformation of PBF LB modelling and the experimental measurement of additive manufactured Ti6Al4V parts for residual stress and deformation. Concurrently there is development of a micro-scale thermo-mechanical modelling capability for thermal and mechanical phenomena of PBF-LB metal manufacturing.


The project is being developed by Wenyou Zhang MSc, who is currently a PhD student funded by the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship at NUI Galway.