Integration of Embedded Sensors into Composite Components (ComSense)

Sensorised Composites

IComp is funding the research project Sensorised Composites (ComSense). The aim of ComSense is to enhance the ability to design and manufacture sensorised composite components via process optimisation, experimental testing & microscopy and computational modelling of sensorised composite products manufactured in Ireland. This project has the active support of 6 IComp member companies.

Project Outcomes

The primary difficulty in sensor integration is avoiding the introduction of structural weaknesses in the composite structure. Electrical, optical and wireless sensors offer contrasting benefits and challenges, and will be explored in this project. This project will also see the design and manufacture of a sensorised composite demonstrator product. The Project will also help to position the ComSense consortium and IComp members for continued advanced and long-term degradation research, by aiding in H2020, InterREG, etc, research project applications.

Project Context

Composite components with integrated sensors is not a new conecept to the Irish or international composites sector. The desire for added functionality, such as live load sensing and structural health monitoring, environmental monitoring, etc is evident across several industries.

In addition to in-service benefits, sensor integration offers the potential to monitor the manufacturing process conditions from within a component, as it is being manufactured.